Seakeeper 16

Seakeeper 16

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Crafted for ~60’ - 69’ boats, up to ~50 tons, the Seakeeper 16 is designed to eliminate up to 
95% of boat roll. The Seakeeper 16 is completely internal, requires only modest electrical power, and can be installed virtually anywhere on board.

Innovative Cooling System

Our patented cooling system allows the flywheel to spin at an extremely high rate of speed, providing ultimate performance in the smallest and lightest package possible.

Vacuum Sealed

Seakeeper’s vacuum encapsulation enables the flywheel to spin roughly three times faster, cuts flywheel weight by two-thirds and halves power requirements. Moreover, because the critical components (flywheel, bearings, and motor) are sealed for life in a vacuum, they are forever isolated from the marine environment.

Active Control

Seakepeeper’s active control optimizes gyro torque, providing an unsurpassed level of performance. Unlike a passively controlled gyro, which must be turned off in the roughest conditions and/or at higher speeds, the Seakeeper is effective at all speeds and can be used in all sea conditions.


Rated Speed 6,130 RPM
Angular Momentum at Rated RPM 16,000 N-M-S
Anti-Rolling Torque at Rated RPM 30,720 N-M
Spool-up Time to Rated RPM 57 minutes (6,130 RPM)
Spool-up Time to Stabilization 45 minutes (5,210 RPM)
Spool-up Power
AC Motor 3000 Watts Max
DC Control 240 Watts
Operating Power
AC Motor (sea state dependent) 2300 - 3000 Watts
DC Control 240 Watts
AC Input Voltage 208 - 230 VAC (+/- 10%), 50/60 Hz, Single Phase
DC Input Voltage 24 VDC @ 10 Amps
Weight 2,195 lbs (996 kg)
Envelope Dimensions 42.6 L x 43.2 W x 32.8 H (inches) 
1.08 L x 1.10 W x 0.83 H (meters)
Noise Output 68-73 dBC at 1 meter
Sea Water Supply to Gyro Heat Exchanger 30 LPM (8 GPM) maximum 
15 LPM (4 GPM) minimum
Ambient Air Temperature 0°-60° C (32°-140° F)