Nano Stacks AC Adapter for Double Stack

Nano Stacks AC Adapter for Double Stack

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Optional AC Adapter. Available for the Pro, Standard Mini, or Nano. To run on A/C, the Double Stack requires a Mini Adapter.

If you are using this AC/DC converter (aka power supply), you must install a switch on the DC side of the power supply. In other words, you will need a switch to be installed between the light and the power supply. The light switch must be turned on, only after the power supply is already powered. This will prevent a pass-thru surge induced damage that could take place in some electric systems.

If it happens, you will find that the light will only take a low voltage (e.g. 4.5V) instead of 24V and the driver board inside the light has already been damaged. This damage will not be covered by warranty as of August 1st, 2020.