Double Nano Stacks

Double Nano Stacks

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Light bars are boring, underpowered, and offer you limited options. A two grand light bar can look just like a hundred dollar knockoff in this oversaturated market. DuraBrite is synonymous to lighting that is Powerful. Original. Beautiful. So naturally we cannot stand it and we refuse to make yet another light bar nobody needs.

As a result, DuraBrite has created the Stack, a one-of-a-kind linear luminaire that's powerful, purposeful, versatile, and most importantly, user customizable where anyone can create their own to suit their tastes and needs. It can be any combination of spot and flood optics and you can even mix and match LED colors.

A Double Stack includes:
Qty2 - Nano Sport (full blast mode - 14k lumens total output*)
Qty1 - Stacking connector (pre-assembled onto lights)
Qty2 - Bracket couplers (one left one right, pre-assembled)
Qty1 - Power bus with cable pre-wired
Qty2 - Beautifully crafted end brackets (one left one right)

Note: A Double Stack is just as powerful as the Mini at 12VDC while it's smaller, lighter, and draws even less current, thanks to the use of state-of-the-art LED chips and our infamous low-draw architecture!

Voltage - DC 12-24V | Lumens - 14,000 | Watts - 100W | LED Color - White